10 things every husband wishes to hear from his wife


Here is a list of 10 things every husband wishes to hear from his wife. Show him some love with these words.

To my Dear wife,

Let me open my heart and tell you ten things I wish you hear from you. You may think that what you speak to me does not matter. It matters. Today I speak to you on behalf of other men like me going through unspoken hurts. I also need sweet words and appreciation like you do. I might not give you the best, but you know I make efforts to give you and our children the best. Let me open up and pour my heart. I hope you will make up your mind and heal my unspoken wounds.

I believe in you

Boost my confidence. I face many downfalls. This statement is a gem. It will empower me and keep me on track. It will cover my defeat and give me a sense of victory.

I value your leadership

Strengthen my abilities to face challenges. Valuing my leadership reminds me you are always by my side. Encourage me. Do not let me be overtaken by doubts in my ability to provide and lead our family.

I admire you

I like it when you make whatever I do right a big deal. You might not always like it, but I have a vision. Do not focus so much on my failures. You will crush my hopes. Be my reinforcement in everything I do well.

I feel safe with you

Let me know that my presence matters to you. I wish to hear my protection is important to you. The moments I stand with you especially when things are falling apart, I need you to tell me I am of value to you.

You were right. I was wrong

It is true, I am not always right, neither are you. I will be happy if you will admit when you are wrong. Tell me when you feel am right too. This will make me feel more important and I will know you have swallowed your pride.

I appreciate all you do for our family

Everyday, I am doing all I can to earn and provide for the family. I might not be a superstar, but be thankful and appreciate the much I sacrifice. Do not make me feel like I don’t care even when I care.

I am happy I married you

I would like to know that you are happy with me as your choice. Let me know you will still choose me if things change.

I missed you

It hurts me when you make feel am taken for granted. Remind me that you are thinking of me when am away. Remind me that am loved in your life.

Thank you for being dependable

Sometimes I sacrifice much to fit your errands. You may not note that. I would love to hear that am dependable.

You are an awesome man of God

I desire to have our family grow spiritually. That is why I labor to ensure we have our devotions and prayers in time. Spiritual encouragement matters to me. I desire a Godly life to be a better husband.

Written with love,
Your Husband
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