10 ways to conquer sexual temptations in a courtship relationship

10 ways to conquer sexual temptations in a courtship relationship

Any form of sex outside marriage is sin (Exodus 20:14). Clear your mind of cobwebs and imaginations of impossibilities. Whether you have not or have fallen victim of sex before marriage, this post is for you because God recreates the fallen. Remember all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. After reading these 10 ways to conquer sexual temptations in a courtship relationship make a better choice.

10. Develop positive feelings of self-worthy

God created you for dignity, claiming it is your choice. You are worth the life of Christ. That is how much God values you. Embrace self-worthy. Live up to your values and people will pick it from there. Valuing yourself makes it easy for others to value you.

9. Set ideal rules of conduct in advance

In the absence of morality, immorality abounds. Where there is no rule, any rule works and this is dangerous. Setting ideal rules of conduct in advance makes it easy to remind your partner you got principles to abide. Take time to define the limits of your behavior. Find ways of expressing your affection without violating your principles. Avoid exaggerated hugs, as this is a pathway to falling.

8. Openly talk about sex when you court

Sex is an important topic to talk about when you are courting. Some issues you can address include the consequences (remember sinning against God is the greatest tragedy). Agree to wait until the right time. Be tactful to let your partner know your limits.

7. Develop and abide by a dating agreement

It is one thing to develop an agreement and another thing to abide by it. Whenever you agree to meet, ensure you have the objectives of the meeting set right. Having an agreement is a gentle reminder to both of you that you are on a very important path in your lives. This a guideline to define your interactions, engagements, and commitment.

6. Develop an action plan should you ever face a close encounter of sexual temptation

Consider the following tips when developing an action plan. These tips do not have a specific order. They are situational and are suggestions worthy consideration. The best measure is to take care.

  • Say NO. Sometimes saying a “NO” can help.
  • If possible, you can leave. Staying longer may worsen the situation.
  • Change the subject. You might consider getting off-topic as appropriate.
  • Sounds tough. Try a risk free response like avoiding eye contact.
  • You may make an excuse to spare a feeling.
  • Cracking a joke can help ease pressure (only try this if you are good at cracking jokes – not all jokes are funny).
  • Acting shocking can make your partner wonder and calm the thoughts.
  • Offering a better idea can be handy.
  • You can return the challenge like asking your partner if they would like their loved ones subjected to such circumstances.

5. Be accountable to someone

Think about God as your maker. Think about your parents and everyone that cares about you and the implication such behaviors will have on their views about you – remember a good name is better than riches. When you engage in sex before marriage obviously, you are violating God’s law and letting people that count on you down. Be accountable to God.

4. Carefully plan your dates in advance

Abrupt dates may prompt abrupt dealings. You have a life, a career to chase, a future to build, and a vision to embrace. This is not to say that you should avoid abrupt meetings. Planning is an important psychological power to enhance your commitment.

3. Avoid places meant to stimulate sexual pleasures

Although gambling is dangerous, gambling with sexual pleasures is more dangerous. Do not think that being strong in church makes you immune to sexual temptations. Avoid places that make you a potential victim like in dark corners and secret chambers. That is not to say secret chambers guarantee someone to engage in sex in a courtship relationship. Nay! Avoid situations that might make you fall.

2. Have facts about sex in your fingertips

Implications of sex before marriage are many. Be knowledgeable of the consequences of engaging in sexual relationships. The list is long, but you can categorize them into spiritual, social, emotional, health, psychological, and economic effects if need be.

1. Ask God for help

It is not easy with the desires of the flesh. They made King David go for Bathsheba, Samson go for Delilah, and many encounters in the Bible. Only God gives power to resist temptations. Do not delay asking God for help when confronted with such temptations. The best path is to start with God from the beginning. The prayer you make every morning, moment after moment builds a wall of protection for the children of God.

Make someone’s life better by sharing this list of 10 ways to conquer sexual temptations in a courtship relationship. You can also check out ways you can build a closer relationship with your loved one.

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Bible verses to read: 1 Corithians 6:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:22, Psalm 119:9

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Irine Boisabi
Irine Boisabi

Yea,, this is very helpful.Thank you

Isagani Cesar Trinidad Baligod
Isagani Cesar Trinidad Baligod

Praise the LORD I’m an overcomer with CHRIST that strengtheneth us. Making GOD the center of the relationship and the BIBLE the standard of living is the best weapon against this temptation.
‘How can I do this great sin against my GOD?’ was the conviction of Joseph.
Let call sin by its right name and hold on to the power of GOD…