7 common effects of depression and how to overcome

7 common effects of depression and how to overcome

Depression is as old as the existence of humanity. It’s effects are inevitable and here are 7 common effects of depression and how to overcome.

Judas (Iscariot) hanged himself (Matthew 27:5). King Saul thrush himself with his own sword (1 Samuel 31:4). Jesus was tempted by satan to jump off the pinnacle of the temple (Matthew 4:6). All these noble men during their time were affected by a seemingly right voice induced antidote to depression but only one was an overcomer, JESUS, the way, the truth the life.

In Whom We find the answer.

Mental health preventive measure has toll much attention nowadays for it became a serious threat to every family, community, and society. Stress, anxiety, and depression gradually affected both religious and secular people.

What triggers such problem?

JESUS our Saviour had a very noticeable experience calling Peter, James, and John who were just done fishing all day. See Luke 5:4, 5. Observing the flow of the story, we find disciples tiredly disappointed but not discouraged. Simon was obviously confused but never hopeless. They had talks then their hearts found joy in fishing again. Fishing is what all of them knew best. It is here that they had good memories with JESUS. This is what most of them were passionate with. Passion is built-in in a person. The experiences GOD did allow shape us to do things we love the most.

This world comprises people who labour because of the figures they’ll be paid at the end of the month. Some work in jobs their parents wishes them to have. Others because it is the demand abroad or their friends took them.

Most of the time people land in what was never on GOD’s inspired passions.

In career choice, other people’s opinion of good-looking monthly stipend and easy work a.k.a. ‘blue collar jobs’ becomes the trend portrait of modern society. Seldom a teenager who will study in college or university will be ask the question, what is your passion?

This early stage of issues have accumulated so much in years piling up to the point of exploding, ending dreams in expense of health problems like a bomb to detonate anytime.

Now, this is actually pretty serious matter friends. The level of anxieties and destructive stresses are gaining in numbers each day. Suicide and depression are slowly eating up the hope of average, middle and rich classes both young and old but surprisingly not the poor. Why? For GOD’s eyes in HIS sparrows.

HE is so near to the cry of the poor that GOD took the nature of the servant even came to be born in a manger though JESUS could have chosen the palace of the kings and the rich yet GOD counted HIMSELF to be among the poor, the blind and the oppressed (Luke 4:18, 19; Philippians 2:5-11).

The needy had a high tolerance in pressures of life. It’s because they are used to them. Their immunity to problems is highly commendable. Blessings of being poor but rich in hope, peace and love of GOD summed up their lives. Blessed are the poor in spirit…

Now, symptoms are GOD’s way of fore warning us of dilemma ahead. If continuously ignored as shrubs, they could result to a very fatal and regretful scenarios.

(1) Gaining undesirable weight

Especially to women, it is an easy escape goat away from harmful stress. Figures and weight are perfect symptoms of internal stress issues.

Most housewives who had transition of working mom to be full mommies suffer from this illness. Husbands and friends should constantly assures them of this wonderful choice. Support and constant communication is needed for there is never a school that has prepared women to be Godly mothers. It’s best for single ladies who are contemplating to be married to be equipped with knowledge and especially ask wisdom from Above. Read the Bible more and meditate on Hannah, Ruth, Noemi and other Godly women about parenting and motherhood. Ask one of your SDA friends and they would hand you out with books for free like Adventist Home, Child Guidance, Education and other inspired books and apps as guide.

(2) Hating-first-day-of-work syndrome

Sunday as first day of work, others who does on Monday, often times had loss of appetite in the morning, easily angered in the work place, unlikable and constantly nags about the company’s mistakes and unproven anomalies.

This hatred rubs among the colleagues creating factions and disloyalty. Slowing down and sapping the institution’s vision and mission energy and direction resulting to getting fired and dubbed as ‘unrecommendable’.

HRM personnel must constantly look of their workers by placing them on what he/she is passionate to do and not necessarily on the finished course or diploma.

(3) Salaries supersede services

The most fearful attitude of one who works is just happiness because of the salary not for the outcome, result and virtues shared through services and products.

A friend of my mine who was so proud and who doesn’t stop telling how unimaginable and powerful were the military technology their country had was paused by a question, so this is your passion? I’m surprised to hear an unexpected answer. A no, his last next line caught me to the sad reality of this epidemic. He only does this for money. This is against GOD’s principle of dignity of labour (Exodus 20:9). Wrong motivation often causes wrong results for the ends doesn’t justifies the means. Only a good tree bears good fruits (Matthew 7:18-20).

The best feeling of one who gives services is joy of being helpful. The price might be the payment of the services but true service is people-oriented not product-oriented. Meaning when one came without money, that person receives the services as well and that is called ministry.

Wonder if some companies of such still exists. None in my watch.

(4) Time constrained personnel

Are you a conscious time worker? The behavior of a person who often looks at the clock or his/her watch and works by time basis is not a good sign at all. People who usually do this haven’t seen the fun side of the work place.

Obviously if we love what we do unless we have some appointments then time just fly by and there will even come a time you stay OT even without pay. That’s passion at its best.

(5) Job hunting depression

If we don’t last in a year or two and move to a new job it is mostly a symptom and not a sign of bad employers. Loyalty is synonymous to a person who loves what one does. Regardless of distance, money involved, transportation and sacrifice due to the fact that we love what we do and that all what matters.

People who discovered their passion, discover contentment, discover happiness and the beauty of GOD-given life in spite of all imperfections.

(6) The confused fellow

Most person who knows one’s passion knows one’s direction (Philippians 4:19). Seldom that person would be consulting, asking for opinion but otherwise encourages, advises and full of wisdom.

(7) Passive churchgoer

The most important of all, our passion will become our mission. Peter, James and John had that ‘untradeable’ experience. By GOD’s grace, it was a joy to be fishers of men because it was a joy for them to be fishermen. That strong principle applies to us today. We see churches full of passive churchgoers because they don’t know what GOD has given them as spiritual gifts. They can’t reach out among their neighbors, coworkers and batch mates for they see themselves as failures and unhappy.

Success in GOD’s eye is not defined by bank account, number of cars or good looks, it’s mostly being happy of what you do. Then and only then that we could wholeheartedly say, ‘my passion, my mission.’

These are 7 common effects of depression and how to overcome that makes depression-proof people.

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