A letter to a child of a prostitute

A letter to a child of a prostitute

Dear hope,

What hope is there for a child of a prostitute? Nobody choses where to be born. Some are born in the palace – in the comfort of magnificent beauty, others are born in a shack in a slum where the rays of the sun penetrate through the holes of rust rooftops and the rain drops to remind them it is time to make a shift to the corner of the house.

You are not lesser human

Some people are born in the hospitals and some born along the way, yet all of them are human beings. They possess the fundamental elements that nature freely avails to qualify one as human – the body that returns to the soil from whence it was taken and the soul that returns to the giver, God the creator. Whichever way you were born, you are not lesser human. You are equally a child God same as the one born to a legitimate father and mother.

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A word for you

Stigma is a spice that flavors the discrimination that society accords its own children. A dangerous sting oozes a life threatening poison that sentence the voiceless children of prostitutes. Maybe you are daughter or son of a prostitute; I have a word for you.

The society knows you and your become the talk of the day. Sometimes you try to hide yourself but then realize that the society is small and you cannot hide any more.

Born of harlot, yet a hero of faith

Jephthah was a son of a prostitute. Born to harlot, he was nobody. His half-brothers rejected him that he may find not an inheritance. He fled to a far land and his new company was vain men of a lower placement in the society.

He was a man of valor and his only crime was being a child of a harlot – a choice he did not make. A moment comes when your own betray you and force you to flee to a land unknown because you are not legitimate. You do not qualify before the litmus paper of humanity – your only crime (as they say) is a child of a prostitute, but you qualify before God and that is the most important.

You are peculiar

You are a peculiar person. Do not bend low to stigma do not succumb to mockery. God still has a plan for you. He knows you, your past, present, and is interested in brightening days ahead.

A time came when the Elders of Israel went in person to seek the help from Jephthah to return home and help them fight the Ammonites.

Sent away, yet called to deliver

The child of a harlot, sent away, yet called to deliver. You might be sent away, but you are not written off. Hold unto the Lord in rejection. As long as you shall be faithful to God, your candle will finally shine bright.

When people look down upon you, God has a purpose for you. Do not blame yourself; situations are not static.

Remember God is not man that he change His mind. He can step into your life at any moment as He did in the life of Jephthah. He was chosen to be a leader. God’s favor was upon him and he triumphed.

It does not matter the number of people against you. If the favor of the Lord shall be upon you, though you fall you will surely rise. You will triumph over your enemies.

Do not feel forsaken because of your past mistakes. You often raise your voice to the Lord and ask, “Why me Lord?”

When God’s favor reigns, it transcends the vision of your enemies

Your rejection today can be a celebration tomorrow. People did not mind the past of Jephthah a prostitute’s son – they wanted him as their leader. When God’s favor reigns, it transcends the vision of your enemies.

Opportunities may come your way even when you think you least deserve, or do not deserve at all. Do not close your door.

Do not pay homage to your difficulties

Pay not homage to your difficulties, your background, and situations. You are a recipient of God’s grace, divine mercy, and favor. As long as God has not turned His back on you, your blessings will surely flow. Hold on a while. Patiently wait for the Lord. He is always on time.

Embrace the power of forgiveness

Let the power of forgiveness have a place in your heart. No matter how much people wrong you, no matter how many names they call you, not matter the stories they cook about you, leave them unto the Lord. Vengeance belongs unto the Lord.

Do not hold to your pain, it will deny you present and future success and happiness.

When God is your mastermind success is definite

When God is in the mastermind behind the destiny of a child of a prostitute of a prostitute’s son or daughter, all-dark forces are subdued – success is definite. It is common to become cowardice when we are carried away by the strength of the currents of fear, but the Lord is a present help in our time of trouble (Nahum 1:7).

Just like a black felt displays the brightness of diamonds, so shall God use your difficulties and dark past to mold you into a bright gem for His service.

Happy shall be you when instead of lamenting of the tough situation surrounding you, instead of despairing and protesting against the challenges entangling your life, you shall look up to the heavens and lift your burdens to the Lord.

God’s providence shall prevail

May the favor of the Lord be with you and may His providence prevail. Remember God loves you and is redemptively and lovingly working for the good of your life and for the life of us all.

Joel 2:25, God shall restore your wasted years. Trust in Him and love Him with you whole heart, mind, and soul. Being born of a prostitute does not make you lesser before God. You are equally His child and deserving like everybody else.

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