An open Letter to people battling with addiction


Minds change like the weather. I hope you will remember that today is never too late to be brand new. As you read an open letter to people battling with addiction, never give up on yourself.

You feel the hurt, we see a vibrant face

As the owner and wearer of the shoe, you know where it hurts most. The rest of us see it well polished, and will congratulate you on how well it fits. The case is the same with your addictions in life. We see you a vibrant person. We see the good looks, but this is just the outer you. Deep in your heart, you have a battle. You always desire to overcome, but it is never easy.

Somebody cares about you

I have watched the fierce hurricane of addiction plague someone I love – my own. Maybe I might not have been in your place before, but I have seen it trap someone. Sure, I have beheld its jaws crush, its evil dance and cruel swoop. I have watched it take control over lives like a faceless chess master dictating the moves of chess men on a chess board. Its unseen hands pull strings so that people can dance to its evil tunes that is produced in many forms. It all starts like an airplane slowly on the runway, faster as it speeds up and gets into the air. It might not be imaginable how rugged and scary it feels. I might not have experienced whatever you are going through, but somebody cares for you – somebody mind about you.

There is much to live for

I, we, your family and friends – though in our silence, we know what you are like when you are not high and we have not forgotten. There is the sober you and the influenced you. I do not know how you are feeling, but sure enough – there is a way out. Maybe this letter gives you temporary escape and makes you forget for a minute – maybe it makes you believe that everything is okay. Sure enough, even though not everything might be okay, trust in God. There is so much more to live for.

You are the warrior in this battle

Your battle waits to be conquered. Do not give up on trying. You are the warrior in this battle. This stalemate will end. I am here, we are here, most importantly God is your side – to listen to you and give you solutions to your challenges. You might conceal a lot from us, maybe we will never know it. You might feel you no more have value, or maybe there is no meaning for life. Listen; you are our very own. We love and care about you at all times. You might not know it because we will not always tell you, but just know we also desire that you be victorious. Not all is lost – we have a Father in heaven, our God, our personal friend, forgiver of our sins and redeemer of our lives.

Believe it, you will conquer it

This is not a war against the flesh. This is a spiritual war. The devil is pulling the chains to ensure you are ultimately destroyed, but there is a blessed assurance – Jesus is mine. One day soon, you heart will beat in a sober rhythm. Believe it, you will conquer it. Remember, in your trials and temptations you are not alone. God is right there with you; to ensure you overcome, give you a new life and lead you in the path to righteousness.



Loving one
An open Letter to people battling with addiction

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Maxwell Frank
Maxwell Frank

There is no problem bigger than our God! When we stay our focus on Him, we shall overcome!! Again we shall overcome! The insight is powerful Caleb Mungasia.

faith mogoi
faith mogoi

An awesome massage. May God lead us out of the many addictions to sin.
His promises are sure.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.