Are the marbles you are playing with taking place of God’s blessings?

Are the marbles you are playing with taking place of God's blessings?

Are the marbles you are playing with taking place of God’s blessings?

Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, one of the former presidents of the Republic of Kenya is remembered for many things. Kids in primary schools couldn’t miss classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays courtesy of his Nyayo milk.

The Nyayo milk was a weekly school programme sponsored by the government to provide milk to pupils in primary schools. You could be sick in other days, but not the two aforementioned.

He was also famous for attending public celebrations and events. A mother once attended a show with her boy child of which the president was the main person.

It so happened that the kid was playing with marbles (small glass balls for child games) on the way of the President. So the president stretched his hand to greet the little boy. For fear that the president (who to him was a common person) wanted to take away his marbles; he folded his hands to the back to hide his marbles. The president was a little embarrassed, but assumed and continued his way.

Mind you, in those days if the president could shake your hand especially in public you were not the same again. He was known for dishing out cash and other gifts. Maybe the mother’s boy and family missed such a great opportunity of the President’s reward when the lad refused to shake the hand of the President.

One ordinary mechanic got such a prestigious promotion for just fixing the President’s car. After the President passed, the mother took the young boy aside and gave him a thorough beating for wasting such an opportunity. Who knows, maybe the same mother never taught him to give.

This is same way we behave when God is blessing us. The marbles we have are so dear to us that we fail to recognize the blessings that come from shaking the hand of God. We often fold our arms because we really don’t know who God is to us. We think what we hold dear is worth more than shaking the hand of God.

May God help us to stretch our hands to reach out to Him. Do not fold your hands when it is time to reach out to the Creator. God might be passing this way today, do not waste your chance. It might not always happen.

May God open our eyes so we can see Him, open our hearts so we can receive Him, open our minds so we can understand His promises and our lips so we can claim His blessings.

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Nice article.loved it