Challenges children and teenagers face when using social media


Challenges children and teenagers face when using social media

There has been an explosion of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in the recent years. The young people cherish it as a way of connecting with friends and meeting new people. They also come with their negative effects. It is important for parents to have an insight of some the negative effects to protect their children. Here is a list of challenges children and teenagers face when using social media.

Hate Speech

Unlike a one on one interaction that may restrain individuals from corrupt speech, it is so easy for anonymous people present in the social media to indulge in hate speech. Such interactions discriminate against minority groups. Exposures to these kinds of talks make children and teenagers susceptible to hatred and discrimination based on their perceived status in the society. Girls are the most vulnerable to such experiences.

Social Distrust

Kids learn from their immediate environment. They might not be aware of media as agents of brain washing. They might think of aggressive talks as realities in life. Although unknown users top the list as propagators of social distrust, the children might carry it out to the real world and end up living in the fear of the unknown.

Cyber bullying

Children and teenagers are a soft target of cyber bullies. Numerous stories fill our newspapers of threats to children. Cyber bullies take advantage of the vulnerability children face. They send them threatening messages in discussions. Once again, this is dangerous for the kids.

Theft of personal identity

With their limited knowledge, kids do not fully read the privacy settings of their accounts. Even if they read it, sometimes they even do not understand them. Unaware of the risks of disclosing unnecessary personal information, they think of the media as a perfect place to post their personal information such as photos.


In cyber-stalking, victims are obsessively monitored in efforts to harass them. Individuals may use personal information of their victims to monitor them and track every bit of their life. This is really sickening as stalkers from broken relationships use social media to pursue their victims. Children are not an exception. They also suffer random or planned cyber stalking and might even never know it till their stalkers achieve their objectives which are usually ill motivated.

Violent content

Spending a lot of time on social media exposes kids and teens to political views from all over the world. Discussion threads are full of viral images from really war zones, injured and dead people, a content that is often difficult to moderate. Such information may largely negatively affect minds of children creating a pessimistic view of the world.

Low self-esteem

Social media has some sort of emotional implications. Kids suffering from diminishing confidence are more vulnerable on social media. Their number of friends worries them. They measure their success based on what people especially their friends tell them over the media such as in comments to their pictures and posts on their timelines.

Poor interpersonal skills

It does not happen to adults alone, it also affects children. Online interactions may make them take a virtual relation for a real one. Spending much time online minimizes the importance of face-to-face interactions and robs children time to build up interpersonal skills necessary for successful development in real life.

Challenges children and teenagers face when using social media may lead to destruction. Let us protect children and teenagers. You can check out life saving qualities you can nurture in your children.

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