Common bad habits to stop in church

Common bad habits to stop in church

Church is a holy place where congregations gather to worship God. It is a sanctuary where people should uphold uttermost virtue in their worship experience. It is a place where people seek solace, refuge, and education. Here is a list of common bad habits to stop in church.

Wrong use of your phone

Being a modern fellow who does not carry the hardy copy version of the Bible does not guarantee you a license to keep chatting and browsing in church. Whether you own a smartphone or a simple mobile phone, using your phone in church can be tempting.

Nobody leaves their home to come and listen to the tune playing in your mobile phone.

The internet and modern applications might make it easier and faster to scroll the pages, but it is for your own safety to avoid such distractions. Temptations from your WhatsApp, text messages, snapchat, reddit, or Facebook can be enticing.

Even if you own a smartphone, get yourself a hardy copy version of the Bible. If you must use of your smartphone like my case where I use it to record sermons and type quick notes for reference and blog posts, then commit to have your phone in flight or airplane mode.

No smartphone will ever be sufficient to afford you the comfort and convenience of owning a hard copy Bible.

Constant movements

I’m sorry if you experience constant stomach upsets that compel you to move up and down to and from the washrooms. Even if you have a running stomach or feeling something itching you, consider sitting in a position that will enable you minimize movement – maybe closer or strategic to the washroom.

For the lot that makes unnecessary movements for no or bogus reasons, style up. People are in church to seek the presence of the Lord, and not entertain your latest fashion dress or hairstyle. Unless you must move, please shut down any avoidable distractive movement.

Chewing gum

You can move your jaws at your own pleasure some other time. It is nauseating to chew gum in church. It is even more irritating with people that chew gum loud. You have freedom of choice, but remember you are in the presence of God.

So you insist to chew your gum then stick it under the seat or by the side. Who do you expect to clean that? I have encountered gums left by ‘Christians’ under seats while in a cleaning exercise. Some people even drop used gums in the sanctuary.

Best antidote is to avoid chewing gum. If you spot someone chewing gum, politely remind them of the dustbin – some people are forgetful.

Condoning unruly children

As a parent or caretaker, know the behavior of your child or children. Why should you let your child spoil the mood of other people? Imagine the sermon is ongoing then your child is making noise running up and down like you don’t exist.

Be a responsible parent and teach your children to conduct themselves with dignity not just in church, but in all circumstances. Let your children sit closer to you in church. It will be easier to handle them.

Do not leave your parenting responsibility to ushers, elders, deacons, and deaconesses. Let them help when and where necessary.

Smelly socks

It might be hot in church and you might think your toes need some aeration. Oops! If you are tempted to remove your shoes, be sure they are clean and powdered if you have sweaty feet.

Do not attract the attention of the audience with your dirty smelly socks. People are in church for prayers, songs, and teaching. Do not spoil the mood, especially in a hot weather.

Learn to clean your shoes and your pair of socks to save yourself embarrassment and from offending other people. Remember, cleanliness is second to Godliness.

Cutting the cheese

Cutting the cheese is natural, but why must you do it in a worship service? Some people think they are smart by farting in bits so that nobody realizes.

My friend, you can fool the ears, but you cannot fool the nose. It is not difficult. Walk to the washroom, finish your business then resume your seat. Passing gas in any meeting is absurd.


The sermon is ongoing, a music group presenting on stage, the elder giving announcements, and you are there updating your neighbor of the latest news. You may have a point, but why not wait until the service is over?

You have gone to church to speak when necessary, otherwise your major work is prayer, praise, listening to the teachings, and engaging in useful group participation as required. Spare the chitchat until after service. It is irritating. This is a reason you miss out important key notes.

Disrespecting other people

You are entitled to your opinion, but respect other people. You might know more than the rest, but remember you don’t know everything. People come to church to learn from each other, iron sharpens iron.

Some people are blank, they might be new converts, young believers. Learn to carefully listen to and address concerns of fellow believers.


It is good to help a brethren come back on track after a slip. Unfortunately, some people in church cook juicy stories from the failures of others. Instead of helping them collect their broken pieces to rejuvenate, they crush the broken pieces and dim any hope to recover.

If you are concerned about someone, find a better way to help them out other than backbiting. A strong believer might sustain gossips, but what of the new believers that are still struggling to fit into the system? Backbiting is a dangerous venom, it kills, and so is gossip – avoid it.

Feel free to add another common bad habit by leaving a comment below.

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Isagani Cesar Trinidad Baligod
Isagani Cesar Trinidad Baligod

True. But this should all not be done in the whole duration of the Sabbath. Yes, from sunset to sunset. Some cannot be done because we have JESUS in our hearts. Isaiah 58:12, 13.