Dangers of cohabitation – risks of living together before marriage


What is cohabitation?

The simplest definition we can give to cohabitation is the practice of two people (man and woman) living together as husband and wife without a binding agreement and or commitment. Let’s examine dangers of cohabitation – risks of living together before marriage.

With the dawn of the 21st century, more and more people are trying to prepare for marriage by living to see if they are suited to each other. To them, this is the best thing by testing their relationship before making a commitment.

Numerous research findings prove that these relationships are dangerous. First, they are not Godly. Many celebrated myths glorify cohabitation.

For the purpose of this article, we will examine facts about cohabitation – living together as husband and wife before marriage.

By examining these facts, we will expose the dangers associated with cohabitation and the readers will be enlightened to make better choices or help someone make better choice regarding this affair.

High chances to split later

Couples that live together for a time before marriage are much more likely to split later. These practices of cohabitation are common among young people mostly college and university students, young employees in their early 20s all the way to mid-thirties.

A research we conducted during my undergraduate studies in sociology revealed many break ups among students who engaged in cohabitation while on campus.

Little or no commitment

Lack of commitment is an ingredient of cohabitation. Right from the start, living together without being married shows lack of commitment because the relationship can end any time.

Good marriage on the other side relies on commitment. You will hear some partners threaten the other of quitting the relationship on baseless issues.

Pretense and hidden character

Cohabitation closes doors to learn about each other and make good decisions. Whenever a couple become sexually involved, the sexual side becomes more important than everything else does.

The thinking and decisions made literally kill the desire to know each other better. Here you will witness pretense of the highest order as both parties hide their really characters aiming at pleasing one another.

Women suffer most

Women are the greatest sufferers of cohabitation. They are the most vulnerable of such relationships. Women are highly exposed to anxiety. They might have unplanned pregnancies and even end up as victims of domestic violence.

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Men are more likely to cheat

Men on the other side are more likely to cheat on their partners. Since they are not committed to their relationship, they have no worry of it breaking.

Though this is unfortunate, they might continue with the same habit because they have nobody to hold them accountable.

Unhealthy partners

Such unhealthy relationships may lead to unhealthy partners. The partners are likely subjects to addiction, less money and shorter lives compared to married couples. Unhealthy conditions can be physical, emotional, social and even worse, spiritual.

Possible break ups

Break ups of a cohabiting couple is painful and difficult just like divorce. Who can be happy breaking up with somebody they have stayed with for some time, somebody who knows them better that the public? Well, I hope you now get to know how painful such an experience is.

Poor problem solving

Whereas married couples are more likely to look for solutions to any difficulties in their marriage life, cohabiting partners do not see the reasons to find solutions. They might resort to immediate choices to gratify their desires for a moment but give a freeway to more trouble. For instance, when they face financial challenges cohabiting couples will find anything sellable to raise money often their belongings.

Fear in born children

The greatest fear of children born to a cohabiting couple is that as they grow up their home might break up. This is not healthy at all. Do not subject children to such fear. Let them grow in a committed relationship – marriage.

High chances of breaking up

Research indicates that first-time cohabiting couples are five times more likely to break up than first-time married couples are. With my simple mathematics, I can make a count and confirm the truth in this statement.

Poor child development

Children in a married family feel secure and are likely to do well at school, be healthier, and be successful in their work when they are adults. In the end, they are also more likely to have good marriage of their own.

Having said all that, give your marriage the best possible chance by choosing to wait until you are married before living together.

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