Does Jesus really care about me?


Jesus is compassionate, He feels our feelings, knows when we suffer and when we are in want. He is powerful, able to change our helplessness to great things. In Mathew 14:14-21 we behold a manifestation of Christ’s compassion seen in His ministration to the multitudes. He is gentle, patient and gracious in dealing with His disciples. We also see his care and power in feeding the multitudes.

Jesus our Lord is a wonderful savior. He comes to us where we are. The only thing is that we must be willing to co-operate with Him in everything we do and say. He is the only one who can supply the needs of life. Our needs extend far much beyond our social-economic life. He shall provide not only our needs for daily living but also restore our lost hopes, bringing together the broken pieces of our hearts provide answers to our questions as we keep on trusting in Him entrusting our lives in our present and our future upon His providence. We need to trust in Jesus, obey Him and do what He tells us. When we accept Jesus we will not be the same again, things will be different. He will never disappoint you.

Each of us needs a friend. No one is an island by himself or herself. We need a person who can feel with us, a friend who can or wishes to understand us. We need a friend who really can assist and comfort us while in trouble. Only Jesus can be such a friend. A case study of John 11:1-6, 19-44:

Jesus is a loving friend who loves each one of us individually who nevertheless allows afflictions to befall us. Jesus is an understanding friend who understands our deepest woes and sympathizes in our deepest sorrows. Jesus is a might friend who can do miraculous things for us, He performs His miracles to help us when we meet His conditions Vs. 38-44.

Jesus is our friend, much more than a friend. He is our life, sustainer, director and protector. He can change your tears of sorrow to those of joy. He can change you from a sinner to a saint. Accept Him today and you will see that He is good.

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