The evil behind Contemporary Christian Music industry (CCM) – PART 1


The evil behind contemporary Christian music industry (CCM) – Part one:-

The devil has blinded people in the entire world from beholding the shining light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the image of God. It is a Christian duty to preach the Gospel of the kingdom of God through the study of the scriptures and music. The world has forfeited the sacredness of music and given in to the seductions of the devil.

Myself, I play piano and am grateful to God for the blessing of music. I am not against contemporary sounding music. The fact is that occultists are the owners and controllers of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). This is the real evil. The occult symbols drenched in the artists’ album covers speak it all. Moreover, the artists flash satanic signs during ALL their music concerts. Sure enough, the love of money is the root of all evil. No wonder the CCM industry cashes in dollars in their billions.

All CCM artists promoted and idolized are apostate, are given to worldly pleasures with some blaspheming Jesus Christ. The mention of the precious name of Jesus in their music is not a license neither is it justification that their music is right. This is just meant to blindfold their followers. These heavy bands false profess to be Christian bands. It is so sickening that such music is considered praise to God.

Young people make CCM their pillar of life and fail to seek God. The worldly music lead young people to the thought that once saved that is all and you do not need any changes in your life. Their greatest lie is that you can live like the devil, dress filthy, talk like the heathen, party like the wicked, watch dirty movies and still please God as Christian. This is a direct contrast with what God tells us in His word; to fear God and depart from evil (Proverbs 3:7). You ought not to walk like the world but let your light shine to the world.

The CCM industry has a corrupted gospel message. You will hardly find a CCM artist website preaching the gospel message. These musicians love the praise of men more than the praise of God (John 12:43). It is so hypocritical that they profess their love for God but they will never dare preach the Bible truth to their fans.

As Christians, our greatest responsibility is to try and get souls saved as we preach the gospel of the kingdom to the entire world. I am not condemning anybody, Jesus himself does no condemn anyone (John 3:17). Remember we are all guilty sinners (Romans 3:19). I am exposing the CCM because they are dining with the devil. I am not pointing a finger at anyone, am just taking a Biblical stand for God against the evil influences the society brings us. This is the duty of believers as written in Ephesians 5:11.

Proverbs 11:30 tells us that the wise people win souls. Daniel 12:3 speaks of those turning many unto righteousness shining as the starts forever and ever when Jesus comes. My simple question; is the CCM industry turning many unto God? You already know the answer. They are turning many to the world.

My website is just a drop in ocean compared to the mainstream CCM artists. My public influence is not massive neither do I do concerts. I am using the influence God has given me to warn the world of the eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire coming for all those that reject Jesus Christ – the risen savior that died for their sins. It is the will of God that all people are saved (2nd Peter 3:9). Unfortunately, many have rejected this grace of God. Friend we must choose where we would like to spend our eternity. We only have two choices, heaven or hell. There is no middle ground, it either one or the other. The choice is yours.

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