Health benefits of giving up processed sugar


Do you care about your health? These health benefits of giving up processed sugar will help you make a better choice. Remember we live the consequences of our choices. Make a better choice today, every day.

Protection of your teeth

When you take processed sugar, you increase the amount of bacteria retained in your mouth which erodes the enamel. Since the enamel is not a living tissue, once destroyed it cannot regenerate, not even artificially. Giving up sugar is one of the ways to naturally protect your enamel. Further, it is also the surest way.

Improved immune system

According to a research at Loma Linda University in California, overeating sugar impairs the functionality of the white blood cells. Since the white blood cells are responsible for the protection of the body against infections and foreign invasions, any slightest interference weakens the body defense mechanism.

Healthy skin

Collagen is the structural protein responsible for skin turgidity. Consumption of refined sugar leads high levels of insulin causing overall body inflammation. Consequently, the inflammation leads to secretion of enzymes to break down collagen causing the skin to wrinkle.

Lower chances of diabetes, heart, and kidney problems

Excess sugar destabilizes the response of the body to insulin prompting the pancreas to increase supply of insulin. Over time, this process overworks the pancreas until it fails then blood sugar rises. The result is heart, diabetes, and kidney related problems.

Reduced depression, and anxiety

Excess sugar can lead to extreme levels of insulin impairing the protein responsible for the development of brain nerve cells (their growth and development). Since this brain is tied to the development of anxiety and depression, its instability yields depression and anxiety.

Protection from becoming fat

Excess sugar contains high amounts of calories. They raise the levels of insulin in the blood selectively depositing food energy into fat cells in fat tissues. Therefore, if you care about your weight and fatness, processed sugar is not a better option.

Sugar has little nutritional value

Sugar is not food. You deserve better nutrition. Consuming sugar drains vitamins from vital body organs as the body attempts to process the sugar. The result is malnutrition. Moreover, sugar does more harm than good.

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