Incredible tips to Really love your children


You may have genuine love for your children, but how much do they feel your love? Home is the first school to nurture children. Here are incredible tips to really love your children, win their trust, drawn them nearer to you and closer to the heart of God.

Make God’s love real for your children. You have a duty to help children discover and experience the way to morality. Serving children is serving God. Loving children will confirm God’s delight in their lives.

Pray for them 

The world before our children is uncertain. It is increasingly evil with troubles back, forth, left, right, center. We cannot hide them from the world, but we can shield them with our prayers. Let us intercede for them. Pray for their wisdom, peace, protection, and strength. Prayers are the best weapons to build up and protect the children.

Be honest with them

Tell them about your journey with God, how God has seen you through struggles and failures. Be real and true self. We are not perfect. Avoid hypocrisy. Show them that your faith in God is real. Warning! Exercise sound judgment and ensure your honesty is age-appropriate and harmless. Your openness will open their hearts to you and they will confide in you. Share your life experiences (as appropriate) and let them learn that mistakes are not the end of the world, but another chance to be a better person.

Discover them

We want to know our life stories matter. Explore their world by asking them questions. Ask them about their dreams, anything about them and let them know you are interested in them. Show a sincere interest in their lives. Learning about them will help you have a deep awareness of their challenges and needs. They will love you for that.

Listen to them

Be an active listener as they respond to your questions. You do not have to always ask questions, sometimes they will just start informing you about anything they have seen, heard or experienced. Take time to listen to whatever they say. You might part with your engagements to listen. To you this might not something big, it may mean a whole world to them.

Bless them

Blessing your children is another one of the incredible tips to really love your children. Jesus found time to bless the children brought to Him. For a fact, blessing His disciples was His very last act on earth. Revive the dying concept of speaking blessings to the children. It is God’s nature to bless. The Bible records many blessings that came to pass. Do not confuse the words bless with praise. Those who need blessing the most are often the ones that least deserve praise.

Celebrate with them

Celebrating with children makes them feel valued. It reminds them somebody is happy for something good that happens to them. The Bible commands us to be happy with those who are happy (Romans 12:15). It might convince them and give them an assurance that God is happy when they are happy.

Surprise them

Utilize this opportunity to bring unexpected joy into their lives. Let your surprises breath fresh air to their lives. Shake things up and awaken their senses by doing something out of the ordinary. Create a positive experience of the unexpected.

Arouse their curiosity

Curiosity triggers the motivation to discover. Give children freedom to explore, the time to make adventure. Curiosity opens a way for the child to find answers to the “WHY?” question in life. Be careful to help them make better decisions. Curiosity may at times land a child in trouble. Provide that immediate guidance and counsel without blaming them for the result of their actions. Help them learn to be better from their experiences.

Encourage them

Express your belief in your kids. Many of our children struggle with a poor or improper self-image. They want to live by comparison to see how somebody is better that them. Believe in them even when they cannot believe in themselves. Call them by name, gently remind them to keep going, praise them when they do good. Do not give up on them, be sure to praise them for efforts not just for their results. Tell them how wonderful they are.

Understand and involve them

Understanding is essentially a matter of heart and not just the head. Help the children know how important this is. Children need you to care about who they are and what they will become. Create opportunities to involve your children. Carefully choose the type of activities to involve them. Not every activity is suitable for children. Help them learn and develop the critical skills necessary for a life of faith. Be patient with them and let them learn through their mistakes.

You can add a tip by leaving a comment below to add to this list of incredible tips to really love your children. A loving wife uses these ways to express her love to her husband.

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