PART 2 – The evil behind Contemporary Christian Music industry (CCM)


The evil behind contemporary Christian music industry (CCM) – Part Two:-
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There is nothing-wrong making up your own songs. As written in Ephesians 5:19, the Bible teaches us to make melody unto the Lord. The problem sets in when people turn the grace of God into a moneymaking business. They overshadow the Gospel to sell worldly music branded “Christian” to worldly religious youth. God gives a stern warning concerning lukewarm believers. He tells us in Revelation 3:15-16) that He will vomit such out of His mouth. The Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) industry is lukewarm in its entirety. Do not ever be cheated that by fixing the name of Jesus in such evil music you will make it righteous – NEVER. CCM claims the love of God and express the desire to serve God but the reality is that by serving themselves in the thirsty for money, the Gospel is nowhere to be found. They are serving the Devil.

The Devil’s dirty lie justifies the profanity of the CCM music claiming the lyrics contain the Gospel. If you have listened carefully, you will agree with me that they don’t make any sense. There is no integrity of understanding. It is just religious lingo appearing Christian – a subtle lie of the devil, the father of all deception. I am not stepping on somebody’s toe. I am just sharing the truth in love. I care about you as much as I would  like you care for me by telling me the truth. False religions are the best with CCM music with a message so vague. It so unfortunate that the New Age movement deceitfully claims that all religions are acceptable holding to the line that they ALL recognize the same God. Further, the basis of New Age is that there are many paths to the light. Really? This is so absurd.

The word of God clearly tells us that Jesus Christ is only path to Heaven (John 14:6). In Mark 7:6-13, we find out people honoring God by their lips with their hearts far away from Him. They worship God in vain teaching doctrines based on the commandments of men. This is exactly what the CCM advocates for. The end of it all it misleads people from God unto eternal destruction. Obey the Bible and forsake the religious deception. The CCM artists will never speak a word against false religion. They will lose most of their fans.

Satan, the god of this evil world is in total control of the CCM industry. If all you want is to be a star, you are simply an idolater and so are your fans. We have seen fans worship performers as gods on stage. This idolatrous worship of celebrated musicians has slowly but surely crept into the worship places of God – the churches. Only Jesus should get all the praise. It is so sad that even an average CCM concert holds the same rope of idolatry. Truth is that there is a verbal praise to God by the CCM artists. Unfortunately, it is a wretched Gospel. They will not preach against sin, it’s all Rock.

For a fact, it is certain that wherever you find mainstream CCM music, there you will also find liberal churches preaching a corrupted Gospel. They have promoted feminism resulting in divorce. Our greatest duty is to preach the Word of God. Pulpits today are filled with psychologists. Claiming to be learned, they combine Scriptures with secular psychology. They have abandoned the Gospel. You will not hear the Gospel about the knowledge of sin.

Friend, there can be no salvation without the Law. The Law of God is true (Psalms 119:151). Remember, sin is the transgression of the law (1 John 3:4). We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23). The wages of sin is death, but we have a living hope for the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). Apostate churches that invite and support the CCM artists’ worldly music are equally dancing to the same tune. You now know the truth about the contemporary Christian music industry. I hope you have learnt something. The choice is yours.

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