Protect your marriage by avoiding these habits


Marriage is one of the two most cherished institutions established and blessed by God for the continuity of humankind. It is under threat from the enemy. It takes commitment, hard work, endurance, and patience to build healthy relationships. Nobody desires good things to end, but sometimes they do. Protect your marriage by avoiding these habits.


Cheating on your spouse is as bad as venom in a friend’s mouth. Unless you live in Mars, you are aware of one, two or more people cheating on one another. Perhaps you are also a culprit or your spouse, mother; father, brother, sister, son, daughter, or friend. This is poisonous and often has its price, a painful price. Once a culprit, it is difficult to regain trust and stability thereafter. Whereas people have their own reasons to justify infidelity, the fact remains that this is sin and is unacceptable. It hurts, destroys, and can even kill.

Low Self-Esteem

Everybody wants to feel valued and secure. Like any other relationship, couples need to feel confident and secure in their relationships. Individuals with low self-esteem give rise to unhealthy relationships when they associate with their partners with a higher sense of self-worth. Over time, such habits become intolerable and if not contained in time may lead to break ups.

Poor Finance Management

Unlike the notion that money is the reason to part ways, the tendency of couples breaking up is an ignition of continuous disagreements about their finances such as arguments on excessive spending, risky activities such as gambling and debt. Blames and extended periods of debt can wear on romantic relationships.

Bad habits

Most people have a plastic character when they are in a young relationships. In fact, partners consider themselves perfect. They act as if they cannot make a mistake. It only lasts a honeymoon then they show their true colors. Some hidden traits are unbearable. I once read of a man that joined church targeting a particular woman. He managed to marry her only later to be shot for attempted robbery. He was a high way robber that faked conversion.

Poor communication

Good communication is a top ingredient of successful marriage relationships. Interestingly, it is also the top reason for couple break ups. Partners with a tendency to ignore each other are in the path to destroy their relationship. Be ready for open communication with your loved one. This is one of the most effective ways to handle all other challenges in relationships.

Decision making issues

Some couples treat each other like robots. One partner makes all the decisions without consulting the other. They manipulate the perceived weaker party. For instance, a man may require the wife to seek permission before going out with family or friends. Such uneven distribution of power prompts trouble in marriages. It may go for years before one of them decides it is enough and quits.

Conflict of interest

A marriage relationship might collapse when the partners are pursuing separate directions in their lives.  When they come together they have common goals with unforeseeable changes in future. The changes might be political, religious, or even on the desirable place to live. Couples in a compromising relationship might discuss and come to an agreement. Rigid partners might not stand their emergent difference and this may be a warning sign of incompatibility.


We read all over the media of domestic violence. Abuse is not just physical, it can also be emotional and economic when a partner deliberately fails to make efforts to support the family. Such practices over time might prompt someone to move out. Remember that no form of abuse is ever right. It happens to both men and women. When someone feels unsafe in a marriage, they may finally end it.


Development of healthy love relationships require space and external socialization. Some relationships distance partners from family and friends. Though it is totally romantic to always want to spend time with your partner we should accept the fact that it cannot be always possible. Give each other time for family and friends.

Protect your marriage by avoiding these habits and increase the chances of having a health marriages. Check out things you tell your husband to show him your love.

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