Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Healthy relationships make our daily living better

No man is an Island and even if he was, water mass surrounds it without which it could not be. We derive our greatest joys and hurts from our relationships. This makes it of absolute importance to improve our friendships and bonds of every nature.

All of us, irrespective of our sexual orientation, age, social-economic status, race and religious affiliation have an inherent desire to connect with each other. In their absence, life becomes meaningless, dull, and empty without joy. In addition to defining us, relationships contribute to the quality of our lives.

The moment we are born, life instills in us a sense to seek and crave for security and the feelings of connection, appreciation and love. Grandparents, parents, siblings and other relatives build up a haven to gain these desires. Further, we seek connections and affirmations from friends, relatives and the society.

Nature has it that as we mature, we crave for more intimate relationships with the hope to establish a loving marriage. We then starting nurturing our own families and strengthening bonds with our spouse, children and grandchildren, later on.

Relationships are sacred before the Almighty God, creator of the universe. He established the institution of marriage and the family as the basic unity of the society. The Bible, an inspired word of God is abundant with instructions to better our relationship with God and with each other.

God knows that much of our happiness depends on how well we relate and manage problems with other people. God wants us to be happy. This is the right place to explore ways to improve and strengthen your relationships. Check out articles on relationships in this section.