The saving marks of Love


Mark’s mum was a hardworking woman. She could always ensure the young boy completes his assignments in time before going out to play. Mark had just completed his homework when his mum spotted him rushing to the swimming pool. From the fourth floor, the mum beheld a black log in the swimming pool. This was an unusual occurrence. Soon she saw the “log” moving towards the periphery heading to the pool’s staircase and then she knew things were not usual. There was famine all over the land and alligators moved into homesteads to quench their thirsty in the swimming pools. The mum sounded a warning to the young boy, but the excitement to swim could not let him listen. As the boy advanced to the pool, the mum rushed down to save him. Unfortunately, by the time she reached the pool, the alligator had already held the boy’s legs. The mum held her only son by the arms and chest and the battle began. The alligator fought for food, the mum fought for the life of her son.

The battle continued as the mum shouted for help. Fortunately, a farmer passing by driving came over and with his handgun shot the alligator. The boy was admitted to hospital and though he spent several weeks and had his legs replaced with artificial ones, he survived. A reported went to interview the boy and was astonished by the joy on his face yet he almost died. Keep reading, I will tell you the reply at the end.

The same way, Jesus looked at us from heaven. He saw us engulfed within the jaws of the devil, when all seemed lost for us. He left his glory above and descended to rescue us. He came to world and told the devil he won’t let go. He then climbed on Calvary because he wanted us all to be saved. His hands were pierced for you and for me. Jesus comes to us with his garments stained with blood, lifting up the standard saying his blood is sufficient for us. Mark said, “The artificial limbs are the marks of love, I have them because my mother couldn’t let go.”

The marks on the hands of Jesus are of love for you and for me. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16. The blood of Jesus Christ has paid it all. The marks on his hands are marks of Love.

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