Three issues corrupting morals from the devil’s Rock & Roll music


Three issues corrupting morals from the devil’s rock and roll music:-

Can music be demonically inspired? Society today is apostate. People attribute to everything as a human right. I am convinced that the rock and roll music is surely the Devil’s music. Unfortunately, many people laugh at the idea that such music is Satanic.

Music serves as a medium to communicate agendas, emotions and philosophies. It is a blessing when rightly used and a curse when wrongly used. The devil as a music master, uses it to influence people to follow him. He does it through iconic music performers.

Most of today’s music glorifies sinful living – rebellion against parents, suicide, murder, sexual immorality, homosexuality, lust, selfishness, worldly pride and self-glorification. You could see many people especially younger generation turning out in large numbers to music concerts. We will later on examine what exactly happens in the concerts. Let us get to the subject and highlight three issues that result from the evil rock and roll music.

Sex: Almost every type of modern music today promotes dissolute sex. Nearly all music both audio and visual contain some elements giving reference to sex and pornographic content. Such videos condition young people to reason that the clothes and scenes in the music are modern and classy. Young people frequently copy the culture and lifestyle of such music artists. You might have heard a common musician calling herself a Diva. The aftermath was and still is young girls calling themselves divas. In fact, I know of a few fashion shops and products selling on the same tag. Our ladies crave for the dressing styles and designs influencing young men to lust for them. The music is often filled with profanity and hatred. Most of such musicians are the most respected in the music industry. They even win awards in Grammy awards. After listening to such music to late night the people mostly, teens and young adults end up in promiscuity.

Drug and substance abuse: Repeatedly, we have heard and witnessed prominent musicians dying of excessive drug abuse (the quantity does not matter; drug abuse is destructive and addictive). Use of drugs is a complement of the mainstream media. Many popular bands in the mid-20th century, created their music while high on drugs. It is even more prominent today. Majority of high school students under are advancing in such music to scale their drug life experiences.

Think of trance music. It is well crafted to abstract people from their normal thinking with enhanced repetitive beats and weird sounds. Young people frequent rave parties to drink and do drugs. Some bands openly pray to the devil. Rock music is a close link to supernatural contact with evil powers.

Rebellion: If you thought the rebellious young people we have around exist by chance, you are wrong. Here is the truth.  Revolutions across the centuries were enhanced with music. You will hardly hear of a political rally that comes to conclusion without some kind of music playing. Musicians know that for them to make money and appeal to a great audience they must appeal to the corrupt systems of governance. Many songs promote the ideology that work, school, parents and the law are enemies and therefore they rightfully deserve disobedience. This is the message young people carry from the dance hall concerts and parties.

As much as you can, avoid attending such devilish parties, strife to overcome evil music and trust that God, He will see you through. It is a real battle, but it is possible to overcome. Accept the reality that it has happened or can happen to you or any other person and encourage somebody in this fight to overcome.

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