Tips to build a closer relationship with your loved one


Tips to build a closer relationship with your loved one

As you read these tips to build a closer relationship with your loved one think of this, relationships make up human life. Poor relationships result in sadness. Health relationships bring us joy and happiness. Relationships are all about interactions with one another. It can be formal or informal.

We all desire closer relationships with the people we love. They may be our spouse, children, friends, relatives, and workmates. We ought to find ways we can express our care for them in a meaningful way. Here are some tips to build a closer relationship with your loved one.

Remember the other person

You have heard of the saying “out of sight out of mind”. This is not a good one for relationships. With all the cares of this life, it is not always possible to be in company with our loved ones all the time. Remember you loved one even when you are apart.

Unlike the olden days when you will only write a letter that usually took time to get to your loved one, today there are many ways to communicate. Send them a message, give them a call, find a tiny gift for them.

Carry a photo of them with you (am fond of this; I like photos) or something special with him/her.

Enter into their emotional world

Sometimes we best see things better by assuming the other’s emotional perspective. Be happy with them and mourn with them. Let them know though you may not have a solution (like in the loss of a loved one) you care about how they feel.

Love them as they are

Many people would want to change their loved ones to be the way they want. There are slim chances of success in this art. It might not always work. Do I mean if your loved one is an alcoholic you let him perish in his drunkenness? No!

Accept and help them to change for the better, offer your love and accept them even when they make mistakes. Live with the hope that with you in their lives they will be better than you found them.

Appreciate them

Appreciate and thank your loved ones for the special things they do for you. You have heard small things matter. Yes they do! Do no assume them.

Appreciate your relationship and find ways to show its value to you. If you are my spouse I won’t mind you telling me how special you feel with me in your life if truly I do. I love it and I work towards it.

Togetherness is a stitch for a health and growing relationship

Spend enjoyable times together. Make up time for each other and do everyday things together. Do not be too busy for your loved ones. I spend most of my time researching, reading and doing these articles, but I don’t let them rob my loved ones of their time. It is your duty too, to spend time with your loved ones.

Inspire and encourage them

Who does not like inspiration to reach their goals? Maybe you are the first one I will hear of – I really hope you aren’t. Encourage your special people to pursue their goals in life.

Always be on the spot when they are feeling overwhelmed. My younger brother applauds my graphic design work. He tells me how good the designs are and how appealing the color match is. I feel good and work harder and smart to perfect it.

Open up yourself

We all want to share our experiences with our loved ones – including us introverts. Share your hopes, goals and struggles. This is part of human life and we cannot run away from them.

Be a good listener and encourage others to share theirs. It is not always about providing solutions. Sometimes the best you can do is listening.


Human needs never end. Understand the needs of your special ones and know that they may differ from yours. Find out ways to meet the needs of each other; physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.

You might not always meet them, but make an effort to show your commitment and God is faithful. He will see you through it all.

Support your loved ones

Unity is power was founded on the concept that when people support each other they achieve much together. In my country we used to call it “Harambee”. Do not bring on board the Indian meaning – it is not applicable in this context. All I know is that it means unity is strength. Support your loved ones at all times. Take some burden off their shoulders and let them know you are there for them whenever it is possible.


Make somebody happy and you will be happy. Are you gifted with a smile? Give it to your loved ones. Are you good at music (like me) let’s do sweet melody to our loved ones. There are many things to be happy about and to share our happiness. Ensure everything you do is Godly.


This term is appearing for the second time in this article. We talked about it earlier. Inspire your loved ones with the love of God. God is love and he that loveth not knoweth not God.

Protect them from harm

Build a wall of protection for your loved ones. Help them feel safe from physical threats. Keep their secrets and shun causing them unnecessary worries and stress. Remember to pray for them frequently.

Check out the first letter at the beginning of every paragraph. You get the word relationship. Hopefully these tips to build a closer relationship with your loved one will better your relationship with others. Check out these ways to protect your marriage by avoiding these habits.

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