Ways to help teens handle sexual pressure


Ways to help teens handle Sexual pressure

Responsible parents are always concerned about the wellbeing of their children. Every child is on the path to adulthood. At one point, they will be teens. Many teenagers today explore relationships and get hurt. Ways to help teens handle Sexual pressure help teens make better choices.

Many girls get impregnated with some ending up in abortion, earlier marriages, school drop outs, and some even lose their lives. A large number of both girls and boys contract HIV/AIDs.

It is much better for young people to wait until marriage before engaging in sexual activities. Unfortunately, many of them do not think of it as necessary. Though some might think of it lightly, sex is that serious that it can create a baby, give you a terminal disease, cause guilt or even worry. Sex binds two people together and upon separation, often results into hurt and emotional damage.

Is there something we can do to help teenagers make the best choices about sexuality? Wanting some fun is one of the reasons teenagers want to try sex before they get married. Everyone they know does it.

Most teenagers do not think about the responsibilities that may arise with sex. They want to feel loved, attractive and accepted. With that in mind, let us know discuss ways to help teens handle sexual pressure.

Teach the correct and age-appropriate material about sexuality

Teach children the facts about their sexuality as they grow. Tell them more as they are ready and able to understand. Many cultures across the world teach many myths about sexuality that are not very helpful and factual.

In fact, in my own culture it is forbidden to openly talk about sex and sexuality. Young people are left to explore the world for themselves. Give teenagers the correct information depending on their age.

Model a healthy attitude towards your own sexuality

Talk about sex in a positive way as a special gift for married couples. Married people have a responsibility to model a healthy approach to their own sexuality. Show mutual caring and love and put other person’s interests before your own. Be a good letter to the teenagers.

Help teenagers develop positive skills

Find out things your teens are good at and help them develop those interests. My father saw my interest in music when I was a toddler. He helped learn to play Piano. I can tell you for a fact, every time I had free time, instead of rushing to the movie show, I could rush to the piano and learn new songs and perfect my skill.

Such interests will give teens positive social and creative opportunities. When teens feel good about their achievements, chances of seeking acceptance from their peers is minimal.

Help them feel good about themselves

Ensure your teens feel confident about their appearance so that they do not need to find a sexual partner in order for them to feel attractive. They might not be the most beautiful or the most handsome, but work on their looks, dress them nice.

Whereas not every choice of clothe might be the best for them, help them find alternatives. I remember accompanying my mum to the shopping center when I was in need of a particular cloth. She really helped me make better choices and I felt good. To date, I have a good sense of better choice.

Involve them in constructive activities

Help teens have self-confidence and self-respect. Involve them in constructive activities. Love and help them to make the best of themselves. Self-confidence and self-respect are two important qualities that help protect teens from being pressured by their friends into having sex.

With such qualities, teens are able to stand up for what they believe and what they want and less likely to do what everyone else is doing.

Encourage them to respect others

It is an important quality to respect others. Help male teens respect girls around them by being polite and careful with them. Teach the male teens to treat girls well, and consider their needs not just their own.

Such teens will make better husbands and will take time to attend to the needs of their wives. Wives that feel loved and cared for and know that their husbands put their needs first are more likely to feel happy about their sexuality.

Teach teenage girls to respect men by dressing and acting in modest ways and shun provoking them sexually.

Encourage positive friendships

Healthy circles of positive friendships provide good support system for young people who are choosing to wait until they are married to have sex.

Encourage group activities of friends with same objectives to find fun things to do together. Under such circumstances, there is less need for the formation of close couple relationships.

Role play what to say when feeling pressured to have sex

Let us not run away from reality. At some point, teens will be pressured by their friends to have sex. This might be directly or indirectly.

Help teens develop some responses when others pressure them to become sexually involved. Find out appropriate responses and help them master them.

Develop a sense of responsibility

From early years, encourage teens to be responsible for their own actions both small and big. Teach them to be responsible for both themselves and their friends in choices they make about their relationships and sexuality.

Talk about HIV/AIDs, pregnancy and STIs

Do not let teens learn about it just from school. Home is the first school for every one of us. Speak openly about the experiences and regrets that come with it. Consider sharing really life experiences (be careful not to make them stigmatize others suffering from such) and see for themselves the effect of making wrong choices.

Married men who will not marry them at last impregnate young girls at early years. They might finally get married, but it is likely to be a difficult life, embarrassments, struggles and heartaches.

Give your teens facts on really life experiences from people who have found themselves in such situations (do not mention names of people, only relate the stories).

Discuss the consequences of wrong choices

Everything thing we do has a consequence. Use experiences to open up discussions of what happens one makes a wrong choice. Help teens find options if they find themselves in provocative situations.

Tell them what to do when they experience powerful sexual feelings towards a member of the opposite sex before marriage. What would they do if they had sex before marriage?  What would they do if they had sex before they were married? Advise them appropriately.

Tell them the choices they have if their actions resulted in pregnancy or in a disease. Explain to them the reasons why it is good to wait until marriage to have their first sexual experience. Tell them some of the good things they would experience as a result of such choice.

Stay committed to your teenagers

This is not just about parents. It encompasses everybody in a position to reach teens. Be always there for them. Teach them the right ways and know that they could make mistakes at times.

Let them know that whatever happened whether they waited to be married before having sex, or whether they did not, you would always forgive them and support them even if there was a baby, and even if they were infected with HIV/AIDs.

With such an assurance, teens will have a close bond with you and count on you when they are right and when they are in trouble.

Accept and forgive them whenever they make mistakes

Who does not make mistakes? Though you might make the best decisions to teach the teens the right ways, they will have to choose for themselves. Give them much more support, help and information they need as young people.

Let them know you would forgive them if they make mistakes. Assure them with acceptance no matter what comes about in their lives.

Help teens live without regrets

Some parents disown their daughters because of pregnancy. May be you know many other such cases. Whereas nobody ever regrets for keeping sex for marriage, nearly everyone regrets having sex before marriage.

Help your teens stand up to sexual pressure and make good choices lasting a life time. What if they have engaged in sex before marriage? Is this a license to lifetime guilty? Help them walk over their past and give them a hope for a better tomorrow.

Help with drugs and alcohol

You have seen those large billboards advertising alcohol; I am familiar with the Guinness advert. Turn on your TV and it is all there.

Educate teens and support them in managing pressure from drugs and alcohol. Help them understand the addictive nature of drugs and how they destroy lives. They have nothing good to offer. Help them make a better choice to live life in abundance.

Check out ways in which you can express your love to your children.

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Lack of proper education.
Educate! Educate ! Educate!
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